Best Arena 2v2 Set-ups in Cataclysm

Published: 25th February 2011
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Playing the Best 2v2 combos

The Third expansion has been released and it has been great. By now, you have probably leveled up and got some gear and it's time to venture into PvP waters. The arena has always been one of the most interesting parts of PvP content. If you look at how many classes there are(10), then each class has 3 specs or different talent trees, you can see how many combos you could make. Some classes work better with others and some just don't match.

If you want to master PvP and be the very best there are a couple of things you need to have beside a good combination, and they are a great knowledge about classes and how to counter combo's, by knowing there strenghts and weaknesses. Allot of players don't even know where to start when it comes to combo's, because they have only ever plaied there class and no one elses. In this guide we will review the best 2v2 combinations and look at why they work so well togeather.

The Double DPS Combination These set-ups generally work well if you can have enough of burst damage, interrupts and crowd control to handle a team with a healer. Games with a double dps usually don't take long, as you should make the kill in the first few minutes or you lose. These teams include a caster 99% of the time.

Here are a couple of the best double dps combinations. Mage and shadow priest - great burst, great defensive cooldowns and insane interrupt + cc Mage and Warlock - same as with shadow priest Mage and a rogue - sap, blind, polymorph, stun lock, smoke bomb, deep freeze enough to newk down any opponent and if you happen to fail you can always easily rest the fight with vanish and invisibility Feral druid and rogue - nice burst combo that can take advantage of stealth and have just enough of cc to make a kill + element of surprise, Feral Druids just got allot of nerfs but still this combo is great and will work. However you might not make it over 2400 plus, because it is really basic.

DPS Class with a Healer Combos

When you play with a healer in your team, your games will not end as fast as when playing a double dps combo, and with enough skill, you are most likely to defeat any double dps team as long as you are playing a good set up. Discipline priest was one of the best 2v2 healers at the moment, along with Paladins and Druids/ Shamans. This doesn't mean that a set up with a discipline priest can't work. Most represented healers at the moment though are holy paladins, restoration shamans and druids. Normally any healer and a melee dps will hit it off well.

For dps and healer combos you might want to try out some of the following set ups:

If you get an unholy death knight and add a holy paladin, resto shaman or discipline priest then you will have a great defensive team with good slows and brust. Warriors you will find allot more of them with paladins as they will need the feedom allot more, now that they can only charge once every 15 seconds. Affliction warlocks + restoration shaman - druid and holy paladin could work but shaman is much better.

So the reason, the top 3 classes are so good with healers right now? and by the three classes i mean, deathknights, warrios and affiction warlocks. At the moment even know deathknight damage keeps getting nerfs they are all probly the best constain damage you can have, even know rogues and mages can burst harder, in a healer dps you need to be doing good damage the whole time. Point is that their damage in pvp right now is outstanding and they can stick on a target like glue. Right now you need to have a great deal of burst damage combined with enough interrupts or cc in order to kill a healer and this is just what they have to offer at the moment

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